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Baptist Men and Women

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Baptist Men and Women in Ministry 

Our Baptist Mens and Women's groups are the primary means through which we engage in community ministry and outreach. 

We are grateful for the energy, vision, and passion of these groups in have for serving the needs of those in our community. 

Throughout the years, these groups have been involved in a number of different ministries. 

These include feeding teachers, first responders, and football teams, as well as those who are need of assistance. Additionally, these groups have raised money for missions via BBQ chicken dinners and Fall Festivals. These teams have also participated in building projects,

providing blankets for shut-ins, salvation dolls for missionaries, and cancer caps for cancer patients. 

The kinds of ministry our Baptist Men and Women support vary from year to year and adapt to the energy and needs of the community. 

If our teams can help you in anyway, please contact our church office.